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what to wear with boyfriend jeans One of the most controversy piece of clothing is represented by boyfriend jeans for various reasons, but the most outstanding reason is that different boyfriend jeans outfits might be considered manly instead of sexy and feminine, which is not the desired result that many girls would look for.To give a boyfriend jeans definition we must say that these types of jeans are exactly the opposite of the skinny ones, so if you are looking to show off your pretty long legs, we don't recommend you wearing pegged jeans, for example. Still, if you are feeling confident about wearing those boyfriend jeans as rolled up jeans and you are looking for some advice on how to make a casual and feminine outfit, you have come to the right place.Wondering what to wear with boyfriend jeans?Then you should consider giving your own outfit a feminine touch by using some make-up tricks, because using a red lipstick, for example, would give you some bonus points on making a sexy look. Also, you might want to pay attention to your body sizes as there are many girls who have big thighs, so if you are one of them you should wear only jeans for big thighs, just to give yourself that feeling of confidence that guys in skinny jeans have, per se.Some other tip on what to wear with boyfriend jeans is wearing a pair of high heels and different tops with long or short sleeves, but which are made from soft material only, just to create the impression of sexiness.What do you think now about boyfriend jeans after hearing our advices?Feeling like getting a new pair of them right away?You should definitely do that because now you know what to wear with boyfriend jeans in order to turn heads. Website URL: