Atelier marca incubator107 Brașov - Xavier- On the road

26 Martie | 18:30 - 20:30

What ?

In this workshop about my trip I would like to share with you:

. What I was doing before the trip

. How the idea of traveling started

. Photos of the different cities and landscapes around the world

. How I have supported economically this trip

. The most exciting stories about this adventure

. Show the different cultures

. How this trip has taught me that we always have to be open to changes of plans

. Adapting to different cultures is not always easy, it requires humility, innocence, respect, and love

. The feeling of being a baby discovering new people and their things all over the world

. The impossibility of saying when this trip is going to end

. The importance of being in the places and don’t fall in the egos of a traveler, after all we all have a story to tell

The main reason to do this workshop is to give hope to people to do what they want in life without fear, in the end we are all in a trip called life, and we can do whatever we want with it. To do what we love, because sometimes being inside a society doesn’t allow us to see that we are the only ones that have to put limits in our lives. So realize that sometimes we are scared of losing our jobs in our cities, but if we don’t take risks in life, we are just passing by.

With whom?

With Kavier Emilio Cisternas Najle.

I am an English teacher in Chile, who started traveling 14 months ago, trying to learn from the people (cultures), animals, and nature.

I am a passionate (mostly about music) and curious person, who tries to train positive thinking all the time. I am not afraid of being ridiculous, and I am willing to learn from any person, animal or situation. I think that what you want in the world has to start from your actions and the way you think.

I think that it would be interesting to share my experience about this trip, especially for people that want to travel, or to inspire them to do what they really love in life putting aside their fears. I have no degree for this, only my experiences and the will to share them.

How ?

You can subscribe at:ălătorilor/1156.